Winter Cycling

Since I mastered the bicycle commute to work all summer, I decided to see how far into the winter I could do it. Last year I rode ’till Nov 15 on my urban bike with road tires, so I figured this year, with a mountain bike, I could get pretty far. Well, it’s been an adventure already and I’ve barely started! Here’s the synopsis (detailed posts to follow):

  • Read many blogs and advice columns, got advice from the cycle shop, watched YouTube videos about winter cycling
  • Got more worried about my bike with each new piece of info I found out, then got the best advice from a friend: “Stop reading articles and just do it.”
  • bought winter gloves; returned them: too cold
  • bought new face mask: works great!
  • found ski goggles downstairs: they fogged up
  • used anti-fog: helped, but still fogged up
  • almost ran into several pedestrians in the fog, so needed new goggles
  • bought new ski-goggles: work great!
  • Too dark in the morning and evening for my cheap-o lights: bought expensive-o light: works great! Blinds pedestrians and cars 🙂
  • Rode in the slush/rain one day: soaked my change of clothes, so bought pannier covers. Haven’t ridden in rain since.
  • Slush/rain rusted my chain; took an oath not to ride in near-freezing weather.
  • Old pannier bags have holes, bought new rack and panniers.
  • One pannier missing a screw, need to return it.
  • Nearly slipped on the ice in traffic, so made my own studded tires.
  • Tires worked great last night, still holding air this morning, but then flatted 5 mins from home. Walked back home and drove to work (second time this week)

About Kurt (Lightning) Bredeson

I am a married man, a follower of Jesus, a Mechanical Engineer, and a lover of cars, cycling and music. Things haven't always been easy; things haven't always been hard. I'm just trying my best in this life to enjoy what's been given to me by God and make the most of it.
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One Response to Winter Cycling

  1. mama francie says:

    your post had me chuckling in a few places. if yo’ mama likes it, i think that it qualifies to go under the ‘funny’ category. i did not like to read that you almost slipped in traffic, but then again that’s preferable than reading “did slip in traffic” or reading nothing at all if the slip in traffic rendered you typeless. keep on persevering. or drive. haha.


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