Minneapolis Eat, Drink (coffee), and Bike Trip Preparations

Bikes, Coffee, and Food, Oh-My

Wow, I’m so excited! My wife and I are going to Minneapolis next weekend for our anniversary. We’ve made the trip from Winnipeg several times, and last year topped our trips, but this year is looking like it’ll be one awesome trip! Last year, we decided to try out some of the best local restaurants and do sort of a food tour, instead of eating at the usual chains. We found some really, really good food, the best latte I’ve ever had, and just had a blast (see list below for our favorites).

This year we’re doing the same. Except on bikes!!! Yeah, baby! We’re amping it up with some cool bike tours in one of the best (or THE best?) cycling cities in the U.S.! All the while hitting as many superb coffee shops and eateries we can find.

Tentative Plan

While my wife is finding us some of the best local food, I’m searching for the best rides and coffee shops. Here’s our list of likely candidates (Google map links):

We’ll hopefully end up doing at least one trip heading East to Minehaha park and trails in that region and another trip West towards Lake Harriet and Lake Calhoun. If we can, we may tour St. Paul as well.

Last year, we visited Citizen Cafe, which was one of our favorites. We’re trying out new places this year, but Citizen left us with a good impression. Cheeky Monkey in St. Paul was cool too! There was a gaggle of cyclists there for breakfast, but we didn’t have bikes. Plus, they looked too intimidating 🙂

Thanks to Fat Tire MN for his favorite rides page and inspiration to ride Minneapolis! We’re not on fat bikes, or even mountain bikes for that matter, but I’m sure we’ll still have fun!


About Kurt (Lightning) Bredeson

I am a married man, a follower of Jesus, a Mechanical Engineer, and a lover of cars, cycling and music. Things haven't always been easy; things haven't always been hard. I'm just trying my best in this life to enjoy what's been given to me by God and make the most of it.
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3 Responses to Minneapolis Eat, Drink (coffee), and Bike Trip Preparations

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  2. yo' mama says:

    ooohh, i wanna come too! you could get a side car for me, that’d work, right?
    except it’s YOUR anniversary & I’M a thousand miles away…
    sounds like so much fun! enjoy & Happy Anniversary!


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