Riding to work in winter takes so much more energy! I can’t believe how hungry I am these days. My wife and I were trying to figure out how much more food I would need in the mornings and afternoons for my commute and we decided I’m probably going to spend more per day on food in winter than I would have on gas!
Today I made sure my oatmeal scoop was way-heaping, but with the headwind, hills, and 8″ snow drifts, I hit the wall completely about 3/4 of the way to work. I couldn’t believe it, but I completely ran out of gas and had to get off my bike and rest with my forearms across my handlebars and my head on my arms. I was breathing so hard after the final snow-drifted hill that I knew I needed a rest. Then I tried to pedal through a few more drifts, but couldn’t get enough forward momentum to power through; I had to walk my bike for a couple hundred meters until i hit a downhill section. After that I was OK, but not long after I got to work I was weak and starving! I’m definitely going to need more food if I’m going to keep this up! It seems the trails are not as well maintained as I’d hoped, so I’m going to have to find some more side-streets to take instead.
This is real Winnipeg winter, Not the wussy excuse of a winter we had last year! To think, last year was my first winter riding all the way through and I thought it wasn’t that bad. I had no idea what was in store for this winter! I hope I can make it.


About Kurt (Lightning) Bredeson

I am a married man, a follower of Jesus, a Mechanical Engineer, and a lover of cars, cycling and music. Things haven't always been easy; things haven't always been hard. I'm just trying my best in this life to enjoy what's been given to me by God and make the most of it.
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