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I recently found this blog, bikeyface, and realized that sometimes we forget the reason we cycle. For the fun of it. Just for fun. Otherwise we wouldn’t do it. On her page, “What is a bikeyface?” Bekka illustrates (very well, … Continue reading

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Replacing Grip Shifters on a Mountain Bike

Grip shifters were prolific on mountain bikes during the late 90’s, were replaced with thumb-index shifters, and recently made a comeback due to the fatbike craze. For that reason, it’s worthwhile learning how to replace/install a grip shifter. I recently … Continue reading

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Fixing up an Old Bike: Is it Worth it?

The Bike I own a 15 year old CCM mountain bike, which I rode as my only bike for about 11 of these years. Until I got new bikes in 2010 and 2011, this bike was mostly ridden for leisure … Continue reading

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Cheap DIY Winter Cycling Upgrade

Riding in the cold always has its way of highlighting the weak links in your equipment: foggy glasses, too many layers, too few layers, frozen derailleurs, and the latest one: a bike light that only lasts 1/2hr on low. In … Continue reading

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