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How to Turn Your Daily Commute Into a Cyclocross Training Session

As I mentioned previously, Cyclocross season is upon us. I’ve so far only done one race for fun, last year, but I did train for it by riding home via different routes and watching some youtube clips. When riding home … Continue reading

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Kenda Kwicker Tire Review

I recently bought some Kenda Kwicker 700×32 tires to try out for cyclocross this season. This will be my second time racing and my first time with a road-style bike with 700C tires. I will attempt to review these tires … Continue reading

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Cyclocross Season is Approaching

Last year, I found out about cyclocross. It defies description, but is basically a race in which a group of typically road-cyclists get together to abuse themselves on grass, mud, gravel, loose rocks, sand, hills, obstacles, stairs, etc., on somewhat … Continue reading

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Cadence Sensor Fell Off My Bike!

I do a fair bit of cycling and had purchased a Garmin Forerunner 305 last year to track my rides, as well as for my wife to train for a mini-triathalon. Well, we bought it with an optional cadence sensor … Continue reading

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